The structure of the company:

Our company comprises the following departments:

*Complex engineering and design department
*Technical investigation and assessment department
*Construction department
*Quantity surveying and contract management department
*Legal department
*Research and development department

The company is run by General Manager and Executive Manager, who coordinate the workflow and are wholly responsible for the company’s output and overall well-being. Every project is managed by an Ingineer-in-chief, who wields technical and creative control over it and implements cutting-edge designing methods. The ingineer-in-chief is in charge of a team of dedicated architects, structural and mechanical ingineers and sub-contractors.

High professional qualification of the employees is critical for the efficiency of a company. The specialists of “PSK STROYSILA” CO. LTD. hold degrees of the leading universities in the field, which defines the high quality of decisions made concerning every aspect of a project.