“PSK STROYSILA” Co. Ltd. is a construction planning company.

Our company specializes in comprehensive development and construction management solutions. We take on industrial and civil objects of any complexity. Our key services include:
* Technical investigation of buildings and facilities
* Engineering and design of new buildings and facilities
* Engineering and design of remodeling, renovation and refurbishment (capital repair) of existing buildings and facilities
* Obtaining of building permits, clearances and approvals
* New build, renovation and refurbishment (capital repair) services
* Project management and general contractor/agent services 


Ingineering & design of buildings and facilities.

Complex engineering and design department delivers projects of industrial and civil buildings and facilities as follows: public, administrative and commercial buildings, cafees and restaurants, department stores, theatres, shopping malls, supermarkets, healthcare buildings (hospitals, clinics and sanatoria), hotels, skating rinks, educational buildings (schools and kindergartens), archives, public libraries and residential buildings as well as comprehensive engineering and design of residential areas, settlements and low-rise housing projects. more...


PSK STROYSILA, LTD performs complex technical investigation of buildings and facilities (including industrial buildings). In the course of the investigation the object is inspected visually and instrumentally. As a result of the investigation a technical report on the structures and (if required) utilities condition is issued. Purposes of the technical investigation can be different. more...


Construction of buildings and facilities with various complexity levels is performed PSK STROYSILA, LTD according to the developed sections of Construction method statements, Major repair method statements, plan for construction activities. The main priority for PSK STROYSILA, LTD is the construction of residential houses, boarding houses, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial and warehouse buildings, auto service centres. more...


Our company offers the full range of design works on reconstruction of buildings and facilities. Development of a reconstruction project begins with the identification of potential of the building to be reconstructed. According to the results of technical inspection of the building structures, foundation soil and foundations examination, the decision on the reconstruction type: reconstruction with a superstructure, arrangement of a mansard roof, additional building, etc.



The company provides a full range of the Customer - Developer (Technical Customer): from receipt of preliminary permissions, developing a set of design specifications and estimates approved with the competent governmental bodies and receiving an expert opinion prior to obtaining a construction permit and commissioning of the facility. more...


Currently, PSK STROYSILA, LTD is conducting research & development activities on the topic: "Designing mansard roofs (add-ons): the potential of typical house-building". The work is aimed at exploring the possibility of arrangement of attic floors or full-floor superstructures over residential panel houses of the typical series in the 50-90s of the twentieth century. more...



New Year's quest "FORCE"

It's only recently that the New Year arrived accompanied by our company New Year's party. The party was held on December 26 and took a very special place in the calendar of 2014. New Year's celebrations were held in the residential complex "Village Komarovka" located in 37 km from Moscow, in the Dmitrov district (http://komarovka.rf/).

New List of National Standards and Code of Practice Comes into Force since July 2015

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2014No. 1521 approved a new List of national standards and codes of practice, mandatory compliance with which results in compliance with the Federal Law of 30 December 2009 No. 384-FZ "Technical Regulations on safety of buildings and facilities".

The Ministry of Construction Introduces 3D-Design Technologies in Construction.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia started to employ 3D CAD design and engineering software tools in the field of industrial and civil construction.
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